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Export Abroad by www.ThaiTradePort.com via Cargo Ship We are the one and only true "One-Stop Import-Export Center" : The right consolidator for Thai products.         If you would like to meet the real manufacturers, traders and exporters, www.ThaiTradePort.com is one of the leading web sites of Thai well-established manufacturers & exporters, brokers & traders of Thai products which has collected more than 20,000 top quality products and brands from more than 2,500 Thai operators.
We supply all Thai products ranging from Thai Agricultural Goods and Daily Life Products to Thai Authentic handmade and manufactured Goods, Handicraft Gifts and Made-in-Thailand Crafts as well as Asian-Style Decorative Products.

Thai Long Grain White Rice Thai Agricultural Goods has been Thailand's natural adventage for centuries. The uniqueness of Thai taste has charmed and impressed all encounters across the world. We export all kinds of Thai high quality agricultural products to worldwide in different packing under our own brand or OEM under buyer brands. We supply all kinds of food products such as Thai Hom Mali jasmine rice, Thai fragrant rice, Thai long grain white rice, Thai parboiled rice, Thai glutinous rice, Thai cargo rice, brown rice, Pathumthani fragrant rice, Japonica rice, broken rice, rice flour/starch, rice crackers, rice products, noodles & pasta, spaghetti, vermicelli, pastry products, gluten free cake mixed, rice cake flour, tempura flour, chicken seasoning powder, wheat, sugar, white refine sugar, Beans, Herbal Nuts, Green Peas, and Cereals brown sugar, soya beans, mung bean, soy sauce, all kinds of sauces, spices, seasoning, flavors, oil & margarine, canned & frozen seafoods, canned tuna, frozen vegetables, nutri functional health food, snacks, cereals, cornflakes, canned foods, canned vegetables, canned young sweet corn in brine, canned bamboo shoot, canned corn, canned fruits, canned pineapple, canned rambutan, canned litchi (lychee), canned longan, canned jackfruit, canned mango in syrup, canned toddy palm seed (slice) in syrup, canned sapota in syrup, Snacks : Biscuits, Cookies, Wafers, Rice Crackers with Non-flavor/Seaweed/Cheese, Rice Cereal Chips canned attap fruit in syrup, canned fruit cocktail, tropical fruit salad, dried/dehydrated fruits, dried/dehydrated durian, nuts and wasabi green peas, ready-to-eat-and-cook products, frozen ready meals, frozen appetizers, meals with rice and desserts in consumer or catering pack, curry paste, soup, instant Thai food, oriental food products, meat & poultry and fisheries products, prepared cuttlefish & seasoned sea snacks, Thai dessert, herbal nut, biscuits, cookies, wafers, sweets & confectionery, rice cracker with non flavor, rice cracker with seaweed wrapped, rice cracker with seeds, rice cracker with cheese, rice cracker with seasonings, rice cereal chips, jam, coffee and tea in container, fruit drink in concentrate, tropical fruit juices, canned fruit juices & jelly drinks, natural drinks, alcohol-free drinks etc.

Mixed Container Loaded on Cargo Ship The Customer can always rely on the outstanding product quality. Moreover, all goods are certified by international food quality institutes and achieved with standard certification of GMP, HACCP, EC, ISO, BRC (EFSIS), GMO, DLD, DOF and some specific HALAL. We also offer service in consolidating a mixed variety of food products and brands in bulk and in available consolidated container loaded.
In case client requests for customer-made order, private label & repackaging, we can also assist the client with OEM services & solutions for customer brand minimum order 150,000 units (depending upon the given products as well). We can help export the products to worldwide in different favorable packing under buyer brand.
Besides, we also provide other related services which are : sourcing all kinds of products manufactured in Thailand and in our neighboring countries, Vietnam and China, and inspecting quality of goods during the production and before the delivery etc.

Hand-made Painted Mulberry Paper Umbrella presented by ThaiTradePort.com In addition to Agricultural Goods and Food Products, Thai Handicrafts and other non-agricultural stuffs are also the most wanted invincibly attractive things that you may have as the next things on your lists to shop for. Thailand is described by travelers as "the east exotic country in Asia", and with good reason. Thai handicrafts are also elaborately created and coloured by a distinct beautiful culture, with a rich and varied heritage. All items of Thai handicrafts are unique and outstanding that will not only for home decor but also perfect for gifts, hobbies, collectibles and office decoration. We intend to select only the best quality products with very resonable price along with our best service to overall customers.

Lipao Bag presented by www.ThaiTradePort.com We supply varieties of goods covering in several categories such as art, craft, gift, Thai memorabilia & souvenir, household, home decorative, table-ware, kitchen, antique furniture, mulberry paper & products, SA paper, woodcarving, wooden toys, Thai wooden art, all kinds of wood products, Thai Spirit House presented by www.ThaiTradePort.com Thai sculpture, bronze statue, Thai fine art, Thai painting, handmade painted mulberry paper umbrella, handmade painted sa paper fan, SA paper bamboo lamp, ceramic, necklace, bracelet, jewelry, silver, silverware, gems, bead, Thai fabric, Batik, Mud-Mee, Thai clothes, Thai silk & Thai cotton textile, clothing & apparel, belt, wallet, handbag, shoes, scarf, silk necktie, shirt, t-shirt, skirt, pants, jacket, blouse, dress, curtain, pillow case, brocade clothes, Benjarong Porcelain Set presented by www.ThaiTradePort.com Thai kickboxing stuffs, muaythai shorts, Thai bronze, Thai pottery, Thai niello-ware, Thai Benjarong porcelain & pottery, Thai earthenware & stoneware, mother-of-pearl seashell inlay products, Krueng Mook seashell inlay mirror flame, bowl, tray, box & furniture, Khram, bamboo products, bamboo basketry, knit bamboo basketry, Yan Lipao basketry, basket, Thai cotton magazine basket, reed mats, leathercarving, leather products, floral paper, Siamese art, Thai folk, northern Thai mobile & wall decor, hill tribes crafts & garment, Thai music instrument, Thai "Kan" Woodwind, Thai "Ra-Nad-Ake" Xylophone, "Tuk Tuk" Thai-style taxi wooden model, Singha, Thai spirit house, "Khone" doll, vintage Thai puppet, equipment, stationery, daily life products, natural environmental friendly product etc. from more than 2,500 Thai manufacturers and exporters.



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